Thursday, 8 January 2015

Grimston and Jarratt

Grimston Street, Hull
Homœopathy is, like so many things, complete tosh, often dangerous tosh at that, but that doesn't stop the gullible from meeting the duplicitous and both parties 'benefiting' from the encounter. As I understand it the more dilute the dose the more powerful it is, so the oceans must be one hell of a potent source of well being which I suppose explains that ancient joke about homœopaths who drown dying of an overdose. This old fading (but growing stronger with every dilution) sign points to a building around the corner, you want to know what that building looks like don't you? Sure you do ... ever seen a bow-window like that before?

Jarratt Street, Hull

The observant or still living amongst you might remember this sign next to it.

PS. now I read the sign with more care and attention I see that it refers to Princes House, and the dentists is called Princes Denture Repair, well I should try to wake up in the morning and put one and one together... 

1 comment:

  1. Quite a unique looking bay window.

    I like that expression: complete tosh. Something that doesn't make its way over to this side of the Atlantic.