Sunday, 22 February 2015


Half Tide Basin entrance, Victoria Dock

If, twice a day, you have an enemy rising up and threatening to engulf you then defences akin to a medieval castle are appropriate. This weekend there have been exceptionally high tides (8.4 meters at Albert Dock on Saturday evening) and the tidal surge barrier has been doing its job again. Along with that there are miles of sea walls, completed in 1992, keeping the Humber at bay for the time being. Astronomy is conspiring against us with the approach, in September, of that point in the 19 year solar/lunar cycle when their pull on the tides is highest. It's only a matter of time ...


  1. Lovely exposure, BB. And in full colour, I suspect.

    1. Yes Julie it is a colour shot, the exposure, however, is best credited to the camera's designer. I operate on a 'stick it on Auto and hope for the best' policy.