Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Riverside Promenade

Saturday saw me venturing into terra incognita that is to say the Riverside Promenade eastwards from the Half-tide basin towards Alexandra Dock. The walk is along the sea wall and is tiresomely straight and direct with views across the Humber on one side and a housing estate on the other but with little of note along the way. The monotony is broken by this sculpture from the workshop of Theo Wickenden and a nearby sign informing us that the sea wall was completed in 1992 and opened by the Burgomaster of Rotterdam, Dr A Peper. 

Did I mention it was straight and unvaried?

Riverside Promenade about halfway along.


  1. That last shot has the feel of a straight line headed for infinity moment.

  2. I like your top shot especially and your choice for composition.