Sunday, 26 April 2015

That old insipid feeling

I sometimes wonder if there was once a competition to see who could commission the most uninspiring buildings with the winners getting to see their visions of banality in bricks and mortar at the eastern end of Alfred Gelder Street. So bleak is the architectural canvas is that any little gimmick will temporarily dazzle. Here it's the glass rotunda (if that's the correct term) and silvered cupola of the Combined Courts building poking up above the skyline. It flatters to deceive however as the rest of the building is a mish-mash of styles designed to portray the majesty of the Law and failing. 


  1. It sounds like the better part of Hull's architects studied in the school of thought of tormenting citizenry.

  2. Perhaps "mish-mash" is exactly what is required for a Combined Court Centre.
    Just trying to be helpful.