Friday, 3 July 2015

Tre Kronor

Guildhall, Hull
It's a little known fact the Hull was once a Swedish city and that there was much trade with that Baltic country in medieval times that continues to this day. This explains the accent of native born Hull folk and also how Hull's coat of arms has three crowns on it exactly like the Swedish coat of arms and the ever so similar the three crowns over the stadshus of Stockholm. Sweden's ice hockey team wear three crowns on their shirts as do Hull's two Rugby League sides. It's all very sub rosa and embarrassing as the English like to think the king in Kingston upon Hull was an English King when in fact it was one of the Gustavs or maybe a Magnus I forget for the moment. Sadly, or more likely stupidly, wars have been fought over these three damned crowns. Hull's three crowns are even protected by an Act of Parliament. All this hidden history is so little appreciated that you could say I just made it all up. It's the heat, Carruthers, the damned heat....

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Real history people have little or no idea about these three crowns either as you can find out here.


  1. I love your sense of humour! The history is fascinating. It's all news to me, in spite of having friends in Hull (well, North Ferriby actually.)

  2. Love your spin on the 3 crowns. I read your words twice and chuckled twice. Could it all be true? Still, an impressve coat of arms.

  3. Very nice details.

    Visiting from BLACK AND WHITE WEEKEND.


  4. Great little bit of history


  5. Beautiful emblem and a little history lesson.

  6. I hope you didn't make it up. It's too wonderful.