Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The lightbulb joke

No you won't find me making derogatory remarks about council workers changing lightbulbs, no sir, not me. Cheap shot. Beneath me. I'll simply ask why they came round at about seven in the evening to do this job, surely not on overtime by any chance ... Anyhow banished now are the orange glow neon lights of my lifetime, replaced by moonlight-white light emitting diode thingies that save electricity and leave drive ways unlit and gloomy. Still the stars shine brighter, there's lots of them, did you know?

And while on the subject is it lightbulb or light bulb? 

OK so you want lightbulb jokes, go knock yourself out here

It takes two people to make this blog post. Margot to take the photo and an idiot to write this drivel.


  1. I think I prefer the white lights to those orange lights anyway.

  2. You're not wrong about the gloomy and unlit driveways. From what I have been reading there are a lot of roads and streets with the same problem. I assume they do test installations so don't understand why it's not working out as expected. Perhaps we should go back to the SON lamps. Not those horrible orange/yellow ones that nobody likes. Why not try white SON, they are a slightly higher wattage than LED, but produces a much brighter light.

  3. Bulbs grow, lamps glow ... so it's a lamp.