Thursday, 12 November 2015

Business as usual

If orange is not your colour then I suggest staying away from Hull centre for the duration of the ongoing 'upgrade'. Just about every public space is lined with thousands of these barriers to protect us from the predations of JCBs and dumper trucks. Above Trinity Square looks like some sort of industrialised archaeological dig or perhaps a post-nuclear clear up that's gone badly wrong.

A sign nearby informs the passers-by (that would be me as I saw no other souls around) that the nearby cafés were open as usual. Well no! Below is 'usual'; above is how a Council puts businesses out of business in the name of 'progress' which could be what they meant by business as usual.

This damn thing nearly ran me over


  1. I can see that taking five minutes short of forever.

    1. They've got a year to do the job, see that it's been done wrong, then do it again and then add the finishing touches. No worries ...