Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Crow Town

   Crow Town

   This is a crow town -
   there are no magpies round here.
   Solid black from beak to tailfeather.

   We don’t do your fancy
   piebald glad rags.
   We don’t talk your poncy language.

   We do your straight
   evisceration of live fledgelings
   while the mother squawks.

   No frills, no grace-notes.
   We don’t go for bright gewgaws
   or pinch girls’ earrings.

   We don’t mince about in tidings;
   when we gang up
   they call it a murder.

   We don’t bring bad luck
   or good either.
   Nobody bows and sucks up to us.

   Nobody jabbers silly rhymes.
   This is a crow town
   where crows live and do crow things.

   We want no magpies round here.

                             Margot K Juby
Today being the first of the month the theme for City Daily Photo is 'Where I belong'. Hah! Well I live in or near Hull but certainly have no sense of belonging here, so, well anyway crows are nice ... 
Margot's poem appeared in Old City, New Rumours - Edited by Ian Gregson and Carol Rubens which came out last year; and a strange thing it is too, an anthology celebrating an earlier anthology, wherever will it end this ‘most poetic city in England’. Click on that link to read Margot's review of this collection if you've nowt better to do.

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  1. The crow seems rather regal. I find them fascinating- very smart birds.