Monday, 14 March 2016

Yet another sad tale

Four years ago to the day I  posted about a young man drowning in the river, well last December it seems it may have happened again. Another young man has disappeared after a night out. As his phone, clothes and shoes were found on the bank of the river it's thought he's somehow gotten into the water. So now there's a petition to erect railings on watersides near bars and pubs. As you see below there's nothing at all to stop someone falling in and those boards can get slippy in the rain. I can see no good reason not to fence off this particular area and with the City of Culture looming shortly there's likely to be an influx of unwary strangers staggering out of the nearby hostelries who might be wondering why their feet are wet ...


  1. "...his phone, clothes and shoes were found on the bank of the river..."
    I wonder if he jumped in on purpose? To swim, or to die? It's very sad either way.

  2. A suicide, or a guy who thought a swim was a good idea, not thinking that perhaps with booze in him, he'd be in trouble.