Friday, 24 February 2017

Reflections of Queen's Gardens

The continuing works to titivate this town are now reaching out to Queen's Gardens. The result is that the two duck ponds are fenced off and the fountains are also out of action. As a result for once the surface of these ponds is absolutely mirror-like. I don't know what the renovations to this place entail but I did hear that in the original plans those trees were due to meet their maker and the horrible cheese-grater that was refused elsewhere is to be installed right next to this spot. It'll be awful, on that you can rely. Hull is very good at awful.

The weekend in black and white is here.
Weekend Reflections are here.


  1. Oh, beautiful! The reflections are perfect.

    Maybe the "cheese grater" wouldn't look too bad there - it would certainly be out of place where originally planned.

  2. A great shot, this is for b&w!

  3. keep us posted on how things unravel!!