Sunday, 16 April 2017

A host of godawful Lego bricks

I know, I know I promised never, ever to photograph them but there was no way I could stop Margot clicking away at these truly awful plastic daffs littering the street. And though Wordsworth saw ten thousand at a glance there are, thankfully, just a few hundred of these vile horrors clumped like dried green and yellow snot outside the closed down BHS store appealing to little brats to play chasing games around them. Just dreadful!


  1. You just know that one of these are going to be left behind to be stepped on, and there's no pain quite like a lego brick under the foot.

    1. Well now yesterday each and everyone of these things was given away to those who made a donation to a charity. There was a queue round the block and back again. So I'm happy and they're happy which is an unusual occurrence.

    2. Further news: You can buy them online for £75! Someone's really cashing in!