Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Costa del Brid

You can achieve wonders by upping the saturation and artfully cropping out unwanted chip shop chimneys to give an almost Mediterranean look to a Bridlington snicket. 

There's going to be an election in June which apart from boring folk to death will return the present lot to government, destroy what's left of the Labour Party (not much), annoy the Scots and the Irish (no bad thing in itself) and solve no problem whatsoever. But then that's politics for you.


  1. I have a friend in Bridlington.... :-) from the times when we used pen and paper.
    I hope you will show something I remember from the times I have been there
    (Will you vote again? I understand it is important for you, well we have things in Norway too, but EU is not a question this autumn.)

  2. It does seem Mediterranean! Good slight of hand!

  3. I thought I was in Greece for a moment there.
    I was listening to the reporter on BBC news today, talking about UK politics. Please do vote; a lot of Americans sat ours out and the world is suffering the damage.