Monday, 8 July 2019

Gloriously sham shenanigans

Pride, as they used to say, goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall ... nowadays pride cometh round every year like hay fever. Corporations, councils, fire brigades, police forces, businesses, high and low profile individuals feel the need to show their wokeyness, their with-itity by basically succumbing to the blackmail of the latest fashion of the so-called progressives (who are really just wannabe thugs) and they end up bedaubing logos and telephone boxes or whatever comes to hand with this ridiculous rainbow cliché. No doubt there'll be yet another parade of mind numbing inanity. 
It is, of course just branding, a business like any other, pride mugs, pride knick-knacks and gee-gaws, but not Mother's Pride (though I'm sure they all are).  Fine, all is good in this free and liberated world .... But if, say, in this free and liberated world I choose not to buy the product, to show complete indifference to the fake garbage that it is, to see it all as  gloriously sham shenanigans will I be accused of being anti-gay,  of denying a small minority their rights? (Minorities, just in passing, do not have rights, individuals have rights. Once we let minorities have rights they'll be at odds with the majority and that will never do, the tail cannot wag the dog least not in a democracy). Now I'm sure I've met many gay  people, I would not know, I did not ask, I do not care. I'm absolutely sure that I have never met a rainbow coloured person in my life but then I lead a very sheltered existence.


  1. I'll just say to each their own, though it is fair to say pride has been turned into a commercial behemoth.

  2. I quite like the rainbow paraphernalia. But, as someone who hung round with gay & trans people before it was fashionable, I have an uneasy sense of a pendulum that's swung about as far as it's going to swing.