Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Somewhere like King's Lynn ...

Red Mount Chapel, The Walks, King's Lynn
A man that is tired of London, said some wag, is tired of life, to which I add that a man that is tired of Hull has come to his senses. Hull is a well known dump, the ultimate crap town (accept no substitutes), run by petty minded, petulant jumped up jack-in-offices. I hate the sodding place, I'm sick of it and its gridlocks, its failing services, it's depressing shitty little town centre, its pathetic attempt to be a city, nay a city of culture ... pah to hell with it all. I should leave (should have left years ago), go somewhere, anywhere that doesn't depress, irritate and bore me to death. Somewhere like King's Lynn, perhaps.

This little folly, the Guannock Gate,  has been carefully moved, rebuilt and plonked here as a feature in the Walks. In the city of culture a similar town gate is now a demolished, despoiled and despised hole in the ground, a place where litter and louts and their odious offspring accumulate.


  1. It wasnt plonked there thats where it was built!

    1. "In 1813 the Corporation bought the common land east of the walls and in 1816 Gannock Gate was re-erected as a landscape feature, having been demolished in 1803. " ... http://www.thewalks.uk/history-of-the-walks/