Sunday, 11 October 2020

The Corn Exchange, Tuesday Market Place, King's Lynn

I've shown the Corn Exchange on the Tuesday Market Place before. I think it's worth another show. Whether you agree or not here's three more glimpses of the place and its surroundings. These were taken early morning so there's no traffic about, there's usually some drivers going round this place, so keep your wits about you...


This one gives the game away, it's now a fancy fa├žade to a plain, modern rear. Still it keeps in business so long as the Fat Controller doesn't get any more crazy ideas. (We await the next Presidential announcement tomorrow, or rather those that care await it. I've given up and moved on).

The Weekend in Black and White is here.


  1. Fine black and white! I like the pale facade contrasting with all the foreground bricks. That chimney is a tall one, too.

  2. When I was in London on business many years ago, an architect took me about the city showing me what appeared to be heritage buildings and explaining how they were now nothing but facades. He spoke of London and England as the centre of the facade-saving movement. At one point he took me behind a facade in the middle of the saving procedure. It was maybe a foot thick and supported by a mess of what we call 2x4s.