Monday, 31 January 2011

Albert Hall, Midland Street, Hull

In a seedy little street behind Hull's Paragon station stands this ruin of a building. Hull's very own Albert Hall once entertained up to 800 patrons with music hall variety acts. The days of music hall passed and the place became a straightforward public house and later a bingo hall called the Fair and Square Club. It's been closed for nearly forty years and is heavily vandalised. There were rumours of demolition and redevelopment but as I've said before these rumours amount to very little. If something isn't done about it soon I guess gravity, the weather and the thriving buddleias will have the final say.

There's an excellent web page on this building's history here.


  1. It's a shame that such a special building has gone to seed (or tree).

  2. Please do no refer to Midland Street as "seedy". it has two listed buildings in it for a start : Owbridge Court & Turner Court.
    Perfectly respectable people live in this area - a stones throw from five churches

    1. Midland Street is seedy, it's rundown and in need of repair like much of that area connected with Anlaby Road. I make no aspersion on the residents of Midland Street just the state of the buildings. It is quite possible for perfectly respectable people to live in a seedy street. As for five churches I fail to see any connection between them and respectability.