Sunday, 16 January 2011


This is the first building of the redevelopment of Hull's riverside, the so-called Boom development. It's a hotel standing all by itself in a wasteland. I took this picture in October last year and have only just noticed that it's actually multi-story carpark with a hotel stuck on top. I think it's a fairly ugly thing, big and blue; and quite what those poles sticking out of the side are for I cannot even begin to guess.

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  1. We have just spent the night there. It was excellent, as all Premier Inns are, £35 a night and strolls across the seeming wastelands enable one to discover not only parts of the Old Hull I had never seen, but a wealth of great arable and wasteland 'weeds'. A Hull girl, I am ashamed never to have known about Sammys Point or seen the Old Dry Dock