Monday, 17 January 2011

Burnett House, Castle Street

Here's a fine example of how to waste money. The building above had stood empty for years and was derelict as you can see below. Clearly nobody had any need for the building. So pull it and down and build something that might be useful? No, you can't do that; you've got to keep our glorious heritage. You must spend thousands repairing the years of neglect, bring it back to how it was when it was built. So, money spent and building repaired you find tenants to use the building? No, it stands empty, just like before, for over four years. When it was derelict it at least served as home for pigeons, now it's just an empty useless building that nobody wants.


  1. No doubt you will be pleased to hear this building is now fully tenanted.
    The council sold the derelict building to a local developer who has made rather a nice job of refurbishing it. There are seven flats and a retail unit here.