Friday, 19 October 2012

Foreseeable Consequence

A few years ago the government, not the present austerity mongers but the previous boomsters, wanted to introduce looser controls on the sale of alcohol. Pubs could open twenty-four hours a day if they wanted and there was an easing on conditions of granting licenses. The result was an massive increase in the number of pubs and bars. There were those who warned that this would lead to increased drunkenness but these wise counsels went unheeded, people were supposed to drink responsibly and a 'continental drinks culture' would suddenly burst forth. It didn't work, the city centre became a hell on earth every Friday and Saturday night soaking up massive police and ambulance resources. Something had to be done. This sign is part of the attempt to reduce drunken behaviour; there's also recently been introduced banning orders on drunks, if they're in the city centre they get arrested. Reports in the local paper say these measures seem to be working but it's all a bit repressive and draconian to my way of thinking. And those responsible for this mess drink themselves blind on subsidised booze in the House of Commons' bars. Make mine a double ...


  1. Very funny and well written post. I'm sorry it's made you unhappy, but it's certainly good fodder.

  2. Those notices seem quite subdued compared to the ones round here - agree entirely about the predictablitity of the outcome