Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Venn Diagram

It is a little known fact that I used to be employed by Hull University (not for long, I hasten to add). In my day this was the Admin Building and the Biochemistry Department, where I was supposed to be working, was housed in what seemed to be the attic. Since then a fashion for naming buildings after famous people has overtaken the place and so this late 1920s building is named after Dr John Venn Sc.D, FRS, FSA and senior President of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. Yes, he of the Venn diagram so beloved of modern logic. He was born in Hull in 1834 but spent precious little time here and died four years before Hull University was opened (lucky man).


  1. I think the symmetry of this building would please Venn.
    He did not look at all as I thought he would!

  2. Kathy Flanagan said...I didn't have much of a problem with maths until I went to WN&KLHS for girls. I could add and subtract and tell when I'd been given incorrect change in a shop. At WN&KLHS Modern Maths (Nuffield) was introduced, the Venn diagram was explained. What purpose did it, does it serve? When I go to Tesco do I need to know how to apply it?
    The building is lovely by the way :)