Thursday, 18 October 2012

Hammonds of Hull

I've seen this building described as "the best surviving postwar department store" I wonder what that says about the rest. This is House of Fraser or Binns or Hammonds depending on your age. The original Hammonds store was a grand palatial affair destroyed along with several employees in May 1941 by German bombs. What you see here was opened in the early fifties [see photo , health and safety people should not click on this link] and has little appeal to me. I've read that fans of the building fear it may be lost in the redevelopment of the city; shame then that the redevelopment is on hold.


  1. I remember Hammonds as a really good department store way back when. It was always the first stop on a shopping trip after getting off the train from Goole!

  2. Looks alright to me. It's no Kendals (Mcr), but it's a decent enough bit of Modernism. Always nice to have a bit of solid content with a daily photo.