Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Nowt much changes

It would be not entirely true to say that no new building has gone on in this wasteland at the back of Princes Quay. Here we have the new £7 million Osborne Street police station. Strange how there's money to house the police but no money to house those being policed. It was officially opened by Lord Peter Mandelson (see below) in June. It's to shelter those weary constables who formerly got their tea and butties at Queen's Gardens station which is soon to be closed. 
The Queen (you know, the unelected head of state appointed because her father was the last unelected head of state and so on) acting on a request from Hull Council, recently restored the positions of High Steward of Hull and Sheriff of Hull. The High Steward apparently has to be a member of the House of Lords (you know, the unelected legislative chamber of the Mother of all Parliaments). Hull Council appointed the twice disgraced former minister, now styling himself as Lord Peter Mandelson to High Steward for no better reason than that his grandfather held the same post sixty or so years ago. Well that's good enough for me, I mean come on, he's an obvious candidate. His connection with Hull? Well none as far as I can see, though he was MP for my old home town of Hartlepool and that's at least in the same country, though some doubt it. He's meant to promote Hull around the world (he has 'friends' in high places and is doing it for 'free') and show it as a progressive place in a progressive country, good for business and not at all the sort of place that resurrects mediaeval positions and appoints people by nepotism. 

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