Thursday, 5 September 2013

Ten Year Plan

Roper Street, part of the Quay West plan.
As if to outshine even the founding fathers of the Soviet Union who had a mere five year plan Hull City Council have a grand ten year plan  This plan is different from other plans, we are told, this plan is not a Council plan, no sir, this plan belongs to you and me. Well not quite, rather "work to develop the plan so far has involved a whole range of organisations from the public, private and voluntary and community sectors". The plan is of course endorsed by that ultimate NEPman, Lord Mandelson.
Now part of this plan involves this area; the proposed Quay West. If you read the Council's webpage it promising an investment of between £165 million and £300 million will create between 1500 and 3000 jobs plus thousands more in construction, make up to 600,000 square feet of retail space, a new hotel and last but not least an injection of up to £40 million into the local economy. Except, of course, it won't. No mention is made of the main backer behind this scheme pulling out three years ago; funny that don't you think. Maybe it's not so funny after all.
So if the Council really are looking for ideas as to what to do with this area, here's one or two (totally uncosted, of course). Forget about a grand retail park. Hull is full of empty shops. Build lots of one and two bedroomed apartments or houses, this is social housing. There's an acute shortage of such accommodation as the recent bedroom tax shambles has shown. Renovate these old warehouses and that foul pub make them the focus of this neighbourhood. In short bring back people to the centre of the city and sit back and watch it grow.

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