Monday, 25 November 2013

The Adelphi Club

A few days ago I casually posted a massive bomb atop the Adelphi Club without saying anything about the actual club. This was remiss of me as the Adelphi is one of Hull's cultural hotspots. The Adelphi Club on De Grey Street looks like a terraced house that's because it is or was a terraced house. It opened twenty-six years ago because the owner wanted to go downstairs in his home and see a band play. Over the years it has grown the reputation as a premier underground music club. Its charm has to be its small size and the Bus bar (don't ask).


  1. Oh, shoot. That was going to be my question.

  2. The toilets are famous too (or notorious?). There's a book about the Adelphi called "One Man and his Bog".