Monday, 4 November 2013

The Bumblebee Phone Box

OK the deal here is that the local phone company have painted a phone box outside their HQ black and yellow and adorned it with antennae to look like a bee. This is to honour a local lady, 91 year old Jean Bishop, who has been collecting for charity for as long as anyone can remember always dressed as a bumblebee. The box was unveiled in mid-October and I took this picture a day later by which time the antennae had been broken off and stolen. It's sometimes hard not to develop a Manichean outlook ....


  1. Antennae didn't last a day? And I predicted that they'd survive till the weekend. (Ever the optimist)

  2. Humanity: on the one hand, some wacko who thinks it's cool to vandalize. On the other, a 91-year-old lady who dresses up like a bee to do something for her fellow humans.