Friday, 22 November 2013

Who stole Xmas?

Taken by Margot K Juby
This year it seems that Christmas on Newie Ave1 has been cancelled, or rather the Chriggy lights have been cancelled due to lack of interest or funds or maybe the Grinch stole them. We are promised they'll be back next year and you must never break a promise to a child ... All is not lost though as there's going to be a Christmas 'event' next Wednesday when the road will be closed for the evening and there'll fairground rides and stalls and maybe Santa will pop in for a glass of sherry. Ho! Ho! Ho!

1 Newland Avenue, someone is going to have to compose a glossary of local terms for all those cultural visitors.


  1. There are a lot less Crimbo lights here too - except for the council's pet centre.

  2. All the Christmas decoration money was spent for the 'C word'...

  3. I'm confused - how can you be a city of culture without Christmas decorations??

    1. It's just this street. The city centre has lights.