Saturday, 15 February 2014

Expensive Toy

You'll no doubt be familiar with Hull new £7 million award winning toy. I know some call it a bridge but basically it's a toy that the Council plays with every Saturday at 11am and 3pm and on Sundays at 12.45pm. Here's a video of them playing (the sound track is somewhat odd). I'm sure that it's a truly unique experience ....
Now the bridge swings to allow shipping to go along the river but the river is silting up and there are at present no plans to dredge it so sooner or later no shipping will go up or down this river; indeed the river itself may choose to go somewhere else (and who would blame it?). There's supposed to be a cafe/shop on the bridge but no-one daft enough has been found to take up the tenancy. The windows give good reflections of Hull's flood barrier.
I'm told it looks pretty at night.

This Weekend's Reflections are here.


  1. Fantastic reflection in a windows... Lovely colours...