Saturday, 1 February 2014

Smoke House Doors

Here's the newly renovated smoke house off Wellington Street. It's still to find a tenant despite the deadline for registering an interest passing last November. Never mind, at least the local paint sprayer who goes by the name of Hull Graffiti has been at work alleviating the gloom.

Today being what it is the City Daily Photo's first of the month theme is 'Entry'. To see what others have entered on this click here.

I bet you're dying to know what those little blue plaque say aren't you?



  1. Quite whimsical. The building itself looks unusual... but rather appealing.

  2. Those doors are brilliant!
    I like the oddity of the building.

  3. Fantastic! Really, really do hope this building become occupied soon.

  4. I wondered what a smoke house is, and then a little blue plaque told me.... So the 'no smoking' has extended to this building also.... But lovely doors...