Wednesday, 23 April 2014

"For you can’t do that there ‘ere ...."

“For you can’t do that there ‘ere,
“No, you can’t do that there ‘ere;
“Anywhere else you can do that there,
“But you can’t do that there ‘ere.”
This rather proscriptive sign down by the Humber Quays buildings brought to mind an old music hall song of which I knew only the chorus. The internet, however, is a marvelous toy and a few inquiries of our good friend Mr Google brought forth a link to the following offering from You Tube. 


  1. You've found the perfect music for this sign! Very enjoyable post.

  2. I wonder what you CAN do down by the Humber Quays? Perhaps they should have added "Anyone found guilty of thinking lewd thoughts or recalling nights of passion will be subject to imprisonment....Signed D. Cameron (Fuhrer)"