Saturday, 19 April 2014

On your bike ...

Bike hire schemes are nothing new in big cities such as London's Boris Bikes and Paris' Vélib'; well not to be outdone Beverley now has this Bike and Go scheme at the railway station. Hull's council was considering developing a bike hub two years ago but nothing seems to have come of it (the usual lack of funds and/or a sponsor) and there's a brand new bike hub at the University but apart from that hiring a bike in Hull seems to be a no-go. A shame really given how flat the area is and how much congestion (and pollution) caused by cars is clogging up the place.


  1. This sort of thing hasn't been a huge success here, for some reason.

  2. When I was a lad, riding on the bus back to Leven from school, I often saw hordes of cyclists emerging from the Reckitts factory. Compared with my adopted home city - Sheffield - Hull is a perfect place for cycling. You don't have to be especially fit to use a bike in Hull. In Sheffield it helps if you are Bradley Wiggins in disguise.