Thursday, 17 April 2014

"When gorse is out of bloom kissing's out of fashion"

Took myself off to Beverley Westwood and had the place practically to myself, just an occasional dog walker, an errant golf player or two, a few crows, oh and a couple of skylarks to lighten the spirits. There were banks of wood anemones and this large gorse bush blooming away which was just as well if that old saying has any truth to it.


  1. That's lovely. From your labels I see that's an old mill in the distance. Do you know any more about it?

    1. Not much to be honest, I've only known it as the Black Mill but with a bit of digging around I found this link which doesn't tell much and this which probably has too much. If you click on that mill label you should get some other pics of this fine building.

  2. Thank you. I can't promise I'll read the longer link, but I just might. You've taken some wonderful shots of this old building. We don't see a lot of mills around here, they're special.