Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Yellow spoilsports

In these days of safety and dullness it's hard to remember the days just a dozen or so years ago before spoilers were placed on all the fun bits of town like this little slope from the end of Victoria Avenue down to Chanterlands Avenue. So you might cycle or skateboard too fast down there and end up in the road and be run over, meh! Hardly ever happened and you wouldn't do it twice would you?.


  1. Be a neat trick to end up under a bus, given there's a metal fence between pavement and road below there on Chants Ave ;)

    Slaloms, barriers, and (worst of all) kissing gates are a pain in the arse to get through if you're pulling a trailer, as I often do. Also, people who aren't 100% physically able who ride bikes (never mind about trikes) are forced into a possibly difficult and painful dismount, that generally wouldn't otherwise be needed, in order to get through.

  2. That must be problematic for someone in a wheelchair.