Friday, 19 September 2014

A bit frayed at the edges

"... this most cultural-inimical sickness and unreasonableness that there is, nationalism, this névrose nationale with which Europe is sick, this perpetuation of European petty-statesmanship, of petty politics: they have robbed Europe itself of its meaning, of its reason — they have led it into a blind alley...." F W Nietzsche Ecce Homo

Well it was billed as the most important vote ever, something to decide the future of the UK, a once in a life time opportunity. Strange then that most of us didn't have a vote but we'll let that pass. It was deemed to be such a close run thing, the opinion polls had it too close to call, but the polls are designed that way else why have polls at all?  After what seems like an eternity of gassing on Scotland's nay sayers have emphatically said nae and that hopefully will be the end of that. Watch as the promises for extra devolution cynically made a few days before the vote are quietly sunk in the mire of Westminster as English MPs block any home rule measures (so-called Devo-Max). Interesting times ... oh and smile as the PM tries not to gloat too much at the Nationalists' failure. 


  1. Mr. Cameron would do well to remember that had things gone differently, he'd be the PM remembered for the downfall of the Union.

  2. Well said, Williams.

    I didn't have a horse in this race but it was interesting to watch. The only way I can bear to pay attention to politics is with detachment. But I hope some folks stand up and take notice, and keep their promises. I know, I know.

    I think your quote is true of every nation that is willing to go to war. Which is a lot of nations.

  3. If UK quits EU, this issue will immediately come up again. Scots Nats are going nowhere & the Labour vote has collapsed in Scotland. The General Election will be - interesting. And not in a good way.