Wednesday, 17 December 2014


This is the Danish Sailors' Church of  St Nikolaj on the corner of Osborne Street and Ferensway. This 1950's building replaced a Victorian building on the other side of the street destroyed in the bombing of Hull during the last war. There are bells in this tower but I've never heard them ring. 


  1. And once a year, Santa Lucia is celebrated in there. Once upon a time, when Hull Uni had a Scandinavian Studies department, the students with some of their teachers formed a choir and sang Lucia songs in Swedish. I had the honour to do so.

  2. An impressive looking church, and you certainly see the modern touches of the architecture.

  3. That must have been nice Theodore. I met and photographed the national Lucia a few years ago. And Klokketårn in Swedish is Klocktorn.