Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Let's have a butchers ...

Here is Princes Avenue's sole remaining butcher's shop, T L Norman. Now it's been called T L Norman for longer than I've lived in Hull but Mr Norman retired a while ago and it's now run by some body else. Looking for something to say about this I found that there used to be six butchers on the avenue, I can only remember two others. They are now either a café or a bar along with just about every other shop that used to trade in this street.

This miserable year appears to have run out of days ... more of the same tomorrow then! Oh and remember; “Better the butcher than the meat.”. 


  1. My mother told stories of a butcher in her home village that had a cat in the shop. There was never a problem of the cat going after the meat.

  2. The butcher shop is disappearing here, too, just like the years. Best 2015 to you, William.