Thursday, 12 March 2015

A twofer

Here's St Alban's V2.0 on Hall Road. The fairly hideous brick block building was started in 1938 and finished after a long delay in the 1950's. It was built to replace the temporary church built in the 1920's which still stands beside it as the church hall. From the amounts spent repairing the newer building it might have been a wiser move to stick with the first effort. It's Grade 2 listed, a testament to its ugliness.
Hall Road is not to be confused with nearby Hull Road, I mean, come on, Hall and Hull; two completely different words aren't they. Not to taxi drivers and the Royal Mail apparently grrrrrrrr! 


  1. That "long delay" was, of course, WW2.

    That second church sure is blocky. I like the expression "twofer". I use it, but have not seen it in writing before.

    1. The long delay also included a rebuild due to subsidence, the church's one foundation wasn't solid enough it seems.

  2. I vastly prefer what is now the church hall.

  3. Sorry to disagree, but I think both buildings have strong architectural qualities