Friday, 8 May 2015

Arson about

...and that makes three. Following fires at the Cornmill Hotel and then Lambert Street chapel it seemed only a matter of time before yet another derelict building got the ordeal by fire. Investigators says they cannot rule out a link between these fires. So far no-one's been injured but give it time ....
I have posted several times  the sad tale of this place the latest is here.

I think I may have jinxed Joynsons, the shop with the scaffolding in the background. Shortly after mentioning they had been trading here since 1890 a large piece of masonry fell off the building, no-one was hurt. Ooops!

The weekend in black and white is here.


  1. Arsonists... it's one thing if it's a pro doing it for insurance payoffs, but what's troubling is the notion of someone who does it because they're drawn to fire.

  2. Great b&w photo!
    My b&w post at:

  3. It's a fine photo, with great detail, but what a dreadful thing to happen! It must be so upsetting.

  4. Those poor buildings. But the fire damage creates some artisitic patterns for black and white.