Friday, 29 May 2015

Turner Prize

I suppose I must mention that the Turner prize will be hosted by the Ferens in 2017. The announcement yesterday came with full reporting from the BBC arts and farts correspondent as well as national press coverage. As the head honcho of the upcoming Culture fest says; if you want to see it you must come to Hull. That's if ...

Meanwhile a story in the local rag the other day said that the Council intend to put a glass atrium over the entrance to this building. All part of the many million pounds of sprucing up that is going on. (Where is this money coming from?) It's incomprehensible vandalism; there's absolutely no need for an atrium of any sort on this building. It is symptomatic of the crass inanity of Hull City Council. I'll have more on this stupid organisation's activities in the near future.


  1. I agree with you that this building as it stands is just right.

  2. It doesn't look like it would do well. Our museum of nature did get a glass tower addition that does work, but on a building like this, that would be the exception, not the rule.