Sunday, 15 May 2016

Milky Way

You can just picture the scene in the Council's road naming department after a new bit of road has been opened up ... at a loss for ideas, scratching their heads (and other bits) for hours until some bright spark pipes up with "Didn't there used to be a dairy nearby?". And so it came to pass.

The weekend in black and creamy white is over here.


  1. Oh, that's brilliant! What an incredible name!!!

  2. I like this! It works well in b&w.

  3. Oh that is fabulous. Too many councils seem to opt for the obvious and slightly dull but I would happily live on Milky Way


  4. My grandad Wilfred Arthur Rigby had a dairy on Portland street and then on Spring Street. It was the Airedale dairy but merged with others to become Northern Dairies. Could tbis be the dairy in question?