Friday, 21 October 2016

Friendly Crow

Have I mentioned before that I think crows are a bit special? This one simply would not budge until I took its picture, so what was I to do?

Meanwhile in another part of town (and on a different planet perhaps) there were complaints that crows on Holderness Road were getting too bold and "intimidating" people because (and now we reach new heights of fantasy) the local McDs was closed for a refurb! "Crows on the rampage in Hull because they can't get their McDonald's fix" ran the headline. For heaven's sake! Are the folk of East Hull who survived the Blitz without so much as a whimper suddenly afraid of a few feathered friends? Two crows were seen pecking at a dead pigeon which it was claimed they had killed! Something must be done about it! Well no, something must not be done about it. "Carrion Crows Eat Carrion" wouldn't really make much of a story but in the febrile imagination of a local journo it's practically Hitchcockian out on Holdy Road. Just to be absolutely clear on this, crows clear up the mess made by people; it's either them or rats, you make your choice.

The weekend in black and white is here.


  1. I love crows. Huge ones patrol our street, keeping it clean and picturesque.

  2. So, I take it you have not seen the Alfred Hitchcock film, The Birds? ;-) Yes, I like crows also. They are very wise birds.

  3. Crows seem to be increasing in numbers in my world. Don't like their sound, but I respect their intelligence.

  4. I'd vastly prefer crows to rats! Crows are intelligent and surprisingly friendly. So - maybe not as intelligent as I thought :) I love your photo!