Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Skell and Wiske

There was a time when it was the rather quaint custom to name university buildings after what when on in them. So physics was carried out in the physics building and administration was in the admin building (unless occupied by students, those were the days my friend). Any way you get the simple idea of connecting name with function. Well that's just so much antiquated nonsense and leaves no room for play by imaginative busybodies with far too much spare time on their hands. So now physics is in the Robert Blackburn building and admin in the Venn building. But that's just getting started; what you need to do is to name buildings after some really obscure rivers in Yorkshire and see if anyone can guess just what on earth goes on in them (I suspect very little but then I'm just an old grump). These are just two of a good half dozen or so rivers that I spotted recently.

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  1. Here the university buildings tend to get named after an eminent former faculty member, or more recently, whatever schlub managed to pony up a big donation.