Thursday, 5 January 2017

The Barber Shop

It's a barber's shop on Trinity House Lane. OK it's a rock 'n' roll barber's shop. So why Greasy Fingers? Something to do with hair product apparently.
I post this but I haven't been in a barber's for over thirty years and my hair, what there is of it, is over my shoulders like some ageing hippy. 


  1. Odd name.

    Since I shave my head, I haven't been in a barbershop in years.

  2. I frequent what is called a "gentlemen's hair salon" ... a classy place ;)

  3. Well, I like the picture. The name might keep me away, though. I go to a place called Jubilee Salon, and although that may be an exaggeration it is a very nice place.