Friday, 13 January 2017

The statement from our sponsors

The City of Culture thing is under way as I may have mentioned. The year is being financed by 'partners' or sponsors in common parlance. The old saying "he who pays the piper calls the tune" mostly definitely applies to what you see before you. Siemens manufacture wind turbines in an old dock out in the badlands of east Hull and being a major sponsor, sorry partner, they get to plonk, sorry (again) tastefully place their produce in the town square. Oh to be sure it's officially a sculpture or an installation or whatever by the name of "The Blade" but anyone can see this is just product placement gone barmy. I won't bore you with statistics of size and weight and so on since I know you won't be impressed, let's just say it's big and intrusive and leave it at that. And you certainly don't want to know how it got here, let's just say the fairies left it overnight. The natives, however, seem mightily pleased with their gift from the gods and go up to it and touch it as if it wasn't real, all very odd, still if it keeps them happy I suppose it does no harm.

Somewhere there's a team of engineers who must be very pleased with their work.

Did I mention it was bloody big?

It may not be art but it makes a good place for birds to keep an eye on the insanity of this place.

The weekend in black and white is here.


  1. Huge.

    I'm a big fan of alternative energy, I'll just say that.

    Wow. That thing is big.

  2. Those must have been very powerful fairies! The installation has a certain elegance - but it's BIG! Fascinating detail in your photo.

  3. It reminds me Constantin Brancusi's 'Bird in space', but very very larger.

  4. I bet they were transporting a blade overnight and it fell off the low loader. Instead of moving it, they just said, "It's art, innt." and left it.