Sunday, 7 May 2017

A frozen moment of contemplation

I mentioned a little while back the collection of statues dotted around the University campus and that I would wander back and have another look. Well I wandered and looked and took a few photos which I'll post from time to time over the next few days and weeks. The collection is called Cairns and there's plenty of literature about it which maybe you should read because there is no way I could up with a sentence like "The figures on campus portray frozen moments of contemplation and take on the form of human trail markers referencing themes of spirituality and physicality." My loss I guess ...


  1. I will never understand why curators and the like think they have to tell the viewer the meaning of a work of art. The whole POINT of art is for us to interpret it for ourselves. My opinion of this piece may not be the same as yours, and THAT'S WHAT MAKES IT ART.

    Sorry. I know I'm yelling at the wrong person.

    It's not just Hull, it's everywhere.

    This is an interesting sculpture in a lot of ways.

    1. They have to justify their wages so they stand between us and Art; much as priests do in regard to their imaginary friend.

  2. Rather odd. I sometimes think the same thing about displays by art, particularly modern art.