Friday, 26 May 2017

Old Chestnuts

It's that time of year when the Horse Chestnut trees send forth their floral delights. These contrasting specimens are on the corner of Newland Avenue and Cottingham Road but you can find them spread all over town. Only the white ones produce conkers of any usable size. For some unfathomable reason these are sometimes known as Buckeyes in America ... there's even a fetid buckeye which sounds truly delightful.

Margot took this.


  1. Yes, the Ohio Buckeye, and I imagine there are others. I saw one here recently, though we're north of its usual range. The blossoms were a bit different from this one, or perhaps it switches colour as it blossoms.

  2. I visited Durham University Botanic Garden on Saturday (26 May). They have a Buckeye as well. The informative panel stated that the plant was named because the seed (chestnut) looked like a deer's eye.

    1. Well there you go,something new everyday. Thanks John.