Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Western Cemetery

The Western Cemetery is essentially an extension of the Spring Bank cemetery [1, 2] opened in 1889 and still in use. It is across the railway line from the site of Hull Fair which you can see in the background. Most of the early memorials are showing signs of aging except for this one to Zebedee Scaping. Who he? My searches show he was born in Eton then went to the Royal Hospital School which has connections with the Navy. Later he becomes the headmaster of Trinity House school in Hull, a position he held for fifty-five years and, as this monument says, is  known in "every port and on every sea". I've managed to find a photo of him here , he's the one with the beard. The memorial was restored and regilded a few years ago and looks as it must have done when new.

Zeb married Georgiana Harriette Fury in Dublin in 1859, his occupation as that time is described as "Esquire", those were the days, eh!. From census records I found they had a son, also called Zebedee, well it would have been a shame to lose such a fine name.

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  1. How interesting and such a fantastic name.

    Beneath Thy Feet

  2. I just had to see what a Zebedee would look like!
    The y did a good job with the monument.

  3. I am thinking i should be impressed with Zebedee's position, but really it is his and his wife's multisyllabic and sonorous names that are most impressive!

  4. I wonder if you would disclose the source of your information on Zebedee Scaping attending Eton? I know he attended Greenwich Royal Hospital School, but haven't found anything on him at Eton.