Friday, 26 April 2013

5th Avenue, NHE

That's North Hull Estate as opposed to New York City. The estate was built between the wars to house those moving out of the slums of  the inner city. It was a council estate of small but well built houses almost all with a garden of some sort. There was little variety in the housing with long roads of identical buildings, I've read there are only six types of houses on the whole estate. Still if it wasn't exactly heaven it was better than the alternative and these properties were much sought after. Over the years, however,  the estate became run down and had a reputation, probably undeserved, for anti-social behaviour. So a while back the council spent loads of money doing up the whole estate, every house was modernised and new walls with railings went round each property, red tiles replaced grey slates. This work and the efforts of owner-occupiers have made the place look a whole lot better than it did.
One odd feature of the estate is that may of the streets have numbers rather than names maybe the planners just got lazy.


  1. Just found your blog - I grew up on NHE (26th Avenue, then York Road) and went to 5th Ave for school. The estate used to be farmland, and the numbers are split, evens one side of Greenwood Avenue, and odds the other - guess it's obvious which side 5th Avenue is on!
    Loving the tour I've taken of Hull via your pictures. Not been back in 10 years but putting that right soon and having a day trip to tread old paths.

    1. Thanks Claire, I'm delighted you're enjoying the blog. I did not know that about the numbering.