Monday, 29 April 2013

A little local difficulty

Just across the road from 5th Avenue is the Endyke pub. Another 1920/30's mock Tudor building. Just another neighbourhood pub, you might think, with its usual comings and goings and the odd not very serious disturbance. Well that is until one night in February last year when a man who had been asked to leave because he wouldn't put out his cigarette returned with a chainsaw and ran amok in the pub! Some very brave customers managed to chase him out by throwing chairs at him and he was eventually caught but not before one person was seriously injured. 

Here's a not very clear video of the events.


  1. The video is striking (for lack of a better word). They really piled on him in the end, and he deserved it. Only a coward would behave as he did.

    Any news as to how the law handled him?

  2. He's lucky he didn't hurt anybody.