Saturday, 27 April 2013

Jackson's as was but now isn't

Here on Paragon Street, golden land of opportunity, yet another shop has closed and been put up for sale. Jackson's was a Hull institution with shops on just about every main road in the city that is until the shops were sold to Sainsbury's a few (10 or more!) years back. They may have changed the name but as far as most people were concerned they were still called Jackson's. Now the city centre shop has been closed leaving only one supermarket in the city centre. Thus we see how capitalism and competition have left us with as much choice as the citizens of old Soviet Russia.

There's more monchrome fun over at the Weekend in Black and White here


  1. Great shot, Nice building.
    Perfect using B&W!

  2. Sometimes a name just sticks no matter what you do.


  3. This is what I call a Flatiron Building...a way of the past and so beautiful with its unique architecture. It is so sad to see these fabulous structures fade away only be be recalled in our memories of them. genie

  4. They call it "progress"... Fine photo!