Sunday, 7 April 2013

Chapel Street

There is no sign of the 1,500 seat Provident Chapel that gave this street its name. No sign either of the brewery that stood at the end of it. Little Queen Street no longer curves round and joins it half way down. The chapel was built in 1797. One description has it as being "almost hidden from view at the end of Hope Street". The last service was held in 1903, it later became a warehouse destroyed, as was much of this area, in the blitz.  History has not been kind to Chapel Street which is now just a short almost stubby little street connecting Paragon Street and Jameson Street, building the latter took away the northern end and most of Little Queen Street. Nowadays it seems to be almost entirely shut and available for let. This arch is part of Queen's House built out of the post war rubble and stands just about on the site of the old chapel.

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  1. Interesting infor on this beautiful picture. Well done!